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Another year.. almost!

LOL at the last post!

Our trip to NC in September was AWESOME. The mountains were breathtaking and I hope we go back someday. I wish there were hills/mountains in FL!! I took a ton of pictures and video. We saw elk and went to a casino on an indian reservation.

In late Sept after we got home I got Scarlett, an Australian Shepherd puppy. She's a red merle, and she's gorgeous!!

I also now own her brother, Hagrid. (He's huge, the name fits!) He's a blue merle, and is about 2 months old now.

The lease on the apartment is about up, I cant believe how fast the time flew.

I have a job now, driving around all day delivering parts. Its a fun, easy job. Its a JOB, period I cant complain. That I love driving around is just icing on the cake.

I post on FB (see last post) And Twitter (LierinDaniels) more then I will ever update this LJ, but while im waiting for GLEE to come on, I thought I'd type something. Helps that im reaching out to some old friends through email too.


The last year...

So I havent really updated this in over a year. I am not surprised. (blame Facebook, then add me at Friesianfeatherz@gmail.com)

My dad died shortly after we moved into the new apartment, and my mom told me she sold Millie to Pam earlier in the summer. Cant say which upset me more, since I knew it was only a matter of time before both happened, but it would have been nice not to get both blows in one phone call.

My best friend had her baby on Dec 23rd. Another cute boy. I was there when she had him, and for the next month I did not want kids. Epidural fail ftl!

We didnt wait for our lease to end before upgrading to a 3 bedroom. Its alot nicer and we have more space. Who knows where we will go next but everyone is happy for now.

Im not getting a puppy this Christmas, im going to Quick Weight Loss and finally getting rid of this extra weight. I think its a good choice on my part. I do not like the way things are now in that department.

Despite money being tight things arent horrible. Adam and I are getting out and planning to do more. This fall we are joining his parents for a week on their camping trip. Im really excited for that. Next spring we plan to go back down to the Keys and over to Sanibel Island.

I guess thats it for now, if your reading this and you have Facebook, add me! I do not know when my next update here will be, but im not dead. =)

Back on track

Ok, its been a while since i've updated, but whats new? Back in West palm now, and if things go the way I plan, im finally here to stay! Taking online classes again, and im playing maple still, not as much as i was before, but i am 141 now =D

Going out to get groceries, will edit this later.


Yey for the weekend!

Going off on another weekend down in West Palm Beach to see Adam. <3!
We're going to go out and have fun, get to see my best friend Cat.
We're going to go to the beach, and out to a party on Saturday night.
Got some awesome new clothes from Hot Topic to try out. Rawr.

In maple news, Kahili is lvl 100!
Same night i go on my first Zrun and get a helm, too! Yey for me! =D

Hrmmm, the train is running 50 minutes late, boo.
I'll stop at Dunkin Donuts before we go then, coffeeeee!

Two Days <3

Im turning noctournal.
Is that how you spell that?
I want more coffee.
I need to dye my hair again.
I gotta shave.
In two days I see Adam <3
Im lazy when it comes to updating my photos.
Im craving dark chocolate.
And Spaghetti-o's.
Im having those weird dreams again~
I havent had a headache in a while.
I need to get to sleep.


Its 6:15 am and im still awake! I went to Dunkin Donuts at 2 am for coffee and I drank a large Mocha iced latte and im hyped up on caffeine! YAY COFFEE! *falls over drooling*


So school is out, the time went by so fast. It seemed like last week we were just starting. I got B's in College Comp and Math (can you believe it?) A C in Biology, and i FAILED General Psychology ~ even though I loved listening to the lectures, i never studied as hard as I needed to. Got to register for Fall classes soon, and start looking for a summer job.

Going down to see Adam next week, I cant wait as usual. Going to be seeing Cat as well as everyone else.

I wanted to write more, but its 5:10 am and after realizing that im exhausted. Hopefully i'll give myself the time to write sooner then later. Though for my own personal copy i started writing in my real journal again.

*brushes off dust*

So... I've had alot happening this month! Figured with maple going through a server check (dam them, did not know in time to close my shop!) I could actually write about it.

Two weekends ago my mom came to Florida! Our boss in MN had won a trip and because she wasnt feeling the best and wanted to feel better for her trip to Mexico thats coming up, she gave it to my mom and Julie. They spent Wed - Saturday at the Don Cesar in St. Petersburg. That place is AMAZING!!! Expensive pink palace right on the ocean. Totally out of this world. I had an awesome time seeing my mom again. We took alot of pictures, and we also went to Busch Gardens, where we took even more pictures. (Note to self, upload them to webshots!)

Instead of taking the taxi to Busch Gardens, we rented a car. A very sweet 2008(or 2009?) Dodge Caliber. It didnt even have 40 miles on it. I just have to say the glitter and glamor of a shiny new car faded fast. It took about three blocks to figure out the "Auto-Stick" feature, and that i was trying to drive the car in 1st and that i had to toggle it back and forth to go between drive and its overdrive. And the back window has blind spots almost as horrible as the Magnum. Its turning radius can be compared to a very large truck or rv, and I almost got us into an accident pulling a U turn because i assumed it would turn like an actual CAR. So what if it drove smoothly? Alot of other cars do. In the end it was nothing more then a fancy peice of crap!

Busch Gardens was really awesome. Much cooler then Univeral by a long shot. We did not go on any of the rides, inless you count the safari train thing. We walked around looking at all of the animals and taking pictures. My mom took my picture infront of one of the Budweiser Clydesdales, we looked at the Showjumping Hall Of Fame too. That was nice but it looked bigger from the outside then it really was. I think my favorite part of the trip (aside from the horses) was when we saw the lions. OMG LIONS! They were all sitting on a hill, nice for pictures with a camera with decent zoom. We took some pictures and moved on to the hyenas, but came back once a few lionesses started moving around. One walked RIGHT up to the glass where we were standing, then got in the truck bed on the one side of the enclosure. They have it set up to where there's two safari trucks you can sit in, one has a view from the front window, the other out the back window, with the bed accessible to the lions. She just SAT there watching us from the bed, and when we got our turn to slide in the truck for pictures her face was right up against the glass, like not even 6 inches away from mine, and she was just looking right through me. Had to think of the Lion King of course, it was awesome. They have the most beautiful eyes.

We were tired when we got home, but no real time to rest. We went out to dinner and then Adam showed up and got to meet my mom! They liked eachother, so thats a good thing ^_^ We took even more pictures, and Saturday before they left we walked around on the beach for a while after returning the stupid new car. XD Mom suggested we check out John's Pass (or John's something...?) After we leave, and thats what we did. Really cool pier with shops and restaurants. I wanted to go on the dolphin watching tour but adam thought it was going to rain. We ate pizza instead and walked around, even though we were both really tired. It looked like rain so we left early and got back over on our side of Florida before dark.

I have more to write about, but i'll save this last weekend for a later entry. (Tonite, not months from now!) I just need to work on my math homework. ^_^

Happy Halloween!

Its Halloween, almost forgot thismorning when i woke up. Nothing special will be going on here tonight. The one thing im looking forward to is watching a rerun of The Next Iron Chef, that I missed while i was down south.

Moonfest! That was my Halloween for this year. We went down to Clematis and walked up and down the street. Cat, Nikkie, and Danny ended up going with us at the last minute, but left about 11. I tried some of Danny's terriaki chicken on a stick, that was really good. By the time Adam and I got around to eating though, I was hot and did not want warm food. We both got giant cookies and water. Having two bottles of water in my pockets sure cooled me off fast, but the cookie was really good.

Then we went and saw Rocky Horror Picture Show, Live! We watched the movie and had actors on the stage under the movie. I've seen the movie itself several times, and last year we didnt go watch the show, but someone gave us a ticket to go check it out because they were leaving. I saw about 5 minutes of the live show last year, so I refused to get up for the virgin ceremony.

Adam used to go to it almost every weekend when they had the showing somewhere else, and told me how wild it was, and how they dont do crazy stuff anymore, but he was wrong this year! People had "survival kits" and during a rain scene, some had newspapers on their heads and there was squirt guns, the wedding scene had rice thrown, and tp, the dinnner scene in the movie they made a tost, people threw toast lol and in one song it mentions cards, you guessed it, playing cards went everywhere! It was really fun, and

I definately want to do it again next year! With a better costume, too!